CKYC Pianist Ensemble

CKYC's Pianist Ensemble started in 2015 with 16 undergaduate pianists. They performed in various occasions on campus and off campus!

2015 Repertoire

Albert Lavignac: Galop-March for 8 Hands Piano (1860)

Schubert-Pauer: Military March D. 733, No. 1, arranged for 2 pianos 8 hands (1818)

Johannes Brahms: Selected Hungarian Dances for Four Hands, One Piano (1869)

Debussy-Anderson: Clair de lune, arranged for One Piano, Six Hands (1905/2007)

Khachaturian- Anderson: Sabre Dance arranged for Four Hands, One Piano (1942/2006)

Rimsky-Korsakov-Gryazvon: The Flight Of The Bumblebee (1900/2007)

Tam Pou Kei Bobo, first piano

Feng Xianlu Demi, second piano

Leung Cheok Io Dorothy, third piano

Zhang Yiran Mandy, fourth piano

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