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Review on Fanfare


Fanfare, July/August 2023 Issue

It's fresh, adventurous, and beguiling.

...the performances are beautifully crafted and extremely sensitive. 

- Robert Carl

Review on American Record Guide


American Record Guide, March 2023


Lively and authoritative playing by violinist Patrick Yim and pianist Kiu Tung Poon.

Review on The Strad


The Strad, November 2022 Issue


The disc’s highlight is the piece that gives it its title, by Nathan’s brother Sebastian: his accompanying sound samples act like an enormous piano sustaining pedal, amplifying, transforming and even sometimes prefiguring the sounds produced by Yim and pianist Kiu Tung Poon, who’s an effective presence throughout.

- David Kettle

Review on "Reviews Online" of the International Association of Theater Critics (Hong Kong)


潘曉彤靈巧清爽的鋼琴線條,帶著一定程度的豐厚感,剛好可以填補兩件弦樂之間的呼吸餘地... 這隊三重奏在演繹上,沒有情感上的大起大落,順隨著音樂的變化,緊守純美乾淨的線條及色彩,反而已能有非常優秀的表現,可謂相當巧妙。對於他們這首法國作品的合作和演繹,也可以說漂亮而又完美得無話可說了,


- 傅瑰琦

Poon Kiu Tung's ingenious and refreshing piano lines, with rich and full sonority, filled the space between two strings instruments.... Without excessive emotional fluctuation, the trio followed the flow of music, carried out musical lines with purity, clarity, and colors, delivered an excellent performance, which was a brilliant interpretative choice. Their collaboration and interpretation of this French work is beautiful and impeccable, absolutely convincing.

- Tina Fu

Review on Woodstock Times


Ms. Poon displayed lyricism and virtuosity in a varied program of Impressionist and contemporary American and Chinese music. The highlights of the afternoon were Maurice Ravel's "Le Tombeau de Couperin" and George Tsontakis' "Sarabesque". Ms. Poon's playing was lyrical and emotionally nuanced, from forceful or even desperate to dreamy, joyful or passionate, with tone ranging from percussive to bell- or even bird-like. In Zhou Long's interesting "Pianogongs", she played Chinese gongs as well as experimental and conventional piano sounds.

- Leslie Gerber

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